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K'NEX Events

K'NEX Events

Libraries have traditionally used our K'NEX sessions to support Skills for Life targets and family learning co-ordinators to support their targets around male participants, intergenerational learning and minority groups. Full or oversubscribed workshops attract a diverse mix of parents and carers, dads and sons, gifted and talented children and those with additional needs.

Age range
The K'NEX sessions we deliver are primarily aimed at Key Stage 2 (7-11) though we have also delivered sessions to both older children and children with learning difficulties. (PhaB).

Our new Computer Controlled K'NEX Sessions will attract an older range group (KS3/4).

Events that traditionally attract K'NEX Sessions include:-

D&T Week: June   
D&T Week provides a focus for all aspects of D&T education.


Summer Reading Challenge (July/August Summer Holidays)
Always popular with families especially dads and therefore get quite competitive! We build cars, helicopters or whatever fits around the theme for that year. ...more

Family Learning Week (October)
Good for getting families together and always well attended as children love K'NEX and will have used it at school and /or home but not on this scale and not with electric motors! K'NEX sessions during FLW are always popular (usually over subscribed) and parents enjoy them too! Family Learning Week is traditionally our busiest period for K'NEX sessions.

National Science and Engineering Week (March)
National Science and Engineering Week (formerly National Science Week) is an opportunity for people of all ages to take part in science, engineering and technology activities.

You choose!

We can also tailor specific challenges to your own requirement, theme or event. Ultimately, our K'NEX sessions are about problem solving, team building and having FUN!!

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