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K'NEX Computer Controlled

The Egg Box

Using the Egg-Box, allows for more challenging K'NEX sessions. These sessions are aimed at upper KS2 to early KS3 though even the adults find them a challenge!

The Egg-Box is a neat, cost-effective device that allows you to control up to four K'NEX control motors by allowing you to input and play back a simple sequence of motor commands, such as "motor 1 clockwise" and "motor 2 anticlockwise", in a simple K'NEX model.

Older children can build upon this ease of use to build and program sophisticated K'NEX models such as a robot arm, in which the two motors control arm rotation and arm raising/lowering.

The ability to control more than one motor allows for many applications. In West Sussex, the challenge was to build Lunar Buggies which would steer around a given course.

Other challenges have included building cranes that will carry out the instructions you have inputted, to lift a given weight through a given height and place the object on the tabletop (not as easy as it sounds)!

The additional element to these sessions are the introduction to simple flowchart diagrams which again fit into the KS2/3 ICT and DT curriculumn.

Adults and children alike find these sessions challenging and fun!

Introduction to computer programming and computer control.

This year we will be running courses utilising the Flow Go control box to allow learners to write simple computer programs which they can then use to control their K'NEX models.

Learners will get an introduction to computer programming and will create their own flowchart style programs, which they will then use to control the models they have made.

The Flow Go control box is a very versatile interface that allows you to use a computer to control many different outputs including; motors, lights, pressure pads, buzzers, proximity switches, light sensors etc.

Our sessions start with an introduction to all the equipment we will be using during the course.

 • K'NEX
 • Computers
 • Glow Go Interface and outputs

Next we build some initial models to demonstrate how the equipment operates.

Finally we will set a challenge for our learners, to put into practise, their newfound skills.

Examples of challenges set would be:

 • Building a K'NEX robot to carry out a given (yet tricky) task.
 • Building a K'NEX house with a state of the art security system.
 • Build the worlds scariest fairground ride.

Learners are introduced to computer programming including;

 • Compiling
 • Program testing
 • Program downloading

These sessions are suitable from ages 8-80 years old and are usually run over 6 or 10 hours.

We have our own computer suite to facilitate these courses.

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