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Welcome to Planet K'NEX

Step Forward Consultancy is a licensed K'NEX trainer and has been a member of the K'NEX User Group since 2004.

We offer various K'NEX training and workshop sessions throughout the country.

Much of our work is based around Family Learning and our sessions are usually delivered in educational environments such as schools, libraries and nurseries.

We have worked for many Local Government bodies including;

Family Learning, Library Services, Children's Library Services, Primary Schools and Charities.

K'NEX is one of the most successful construction kits in the world, second in popularity only to Lego. It is based around a series of "Rods", which can be joined together by "Connectors". Once participants have mastered using these simple components, children and adults can use their imagination to make potentially millions of different working models.

Building K'NEX models helps children and adults to understand subjects such as structures, forces and simple machines, in the way that Meccano educated an earlier generation. However, Meccano was aimed and advertised exclusively at boys, whereas both girls and boys find K'NEX easy and enjoyable to use. K'NEX can also often be used effectively by children with learning difficulties, once they have mastered the basic techniques for joining Rods and Connectors together.

Children of all ages are familiar with K'NEX as it is as widely used at school as it is in the home.

Planet K'NEX is a product of Step Forward Consultancy Ltd�A href="http://www.stepfc.co.uk/" target=_blank>www.stepfc.co.uk
Step Forward Consultancy is a licensed K'NEX trainer and has been a member of the K'NEX User Group since 2004.

All of our K'NEX Trainers are :-
  • licensed by the K'NEX User Group see www.knexusergroup.org.uk
  • hold a teaching qualification
  • members of the IfL (Institute for Learning)
  • Have current enhanced CRB checks.
All Lesson/Session Plans are produced by qualified teachers.
Step Forward Consultancy Ltd has à­©llion Public Liability Insurance.

K'NEX Copyright ©, K'NEX Trademarks, K'NEX. All rights reserved.
Planet K'NEX from Step Forward Consultancy.

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